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Headcanon: Antonio’s sexuality

It all started when our little greaser was 14. All the other greaser guys would talk about girls they thought were hot, wanted to date, etc. All except for Toni. One day, they grew curious as to why Toni never dated or joined in their talks. 

He replied that he just didn’t find any of the girls attractive. One of his friends jokingly remarked “What are you, gay?” Of course he denied it. 

That remark stuck in Toni’s head, though. Could he be gay? The Mightyena was so scared of the thought he turned into a womanizer practically overnight. He knew what the other guys considered attractive went after girls who fit the bill. He became a total flirt to prove to himself and the other guys that he was straight. 

He started to have one night stands and girlfriends he didn’t really care about. There was one he cared about a lot, but she was more like a best friend than a girlfriend.